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How To Prepare Your Home For Photography

In the first few seconds of clicking through listing photos on Zillow, a buyer already knows if they want to schedule a viewing of that home or pass it up. If you are planning on selling your home, it’s imperative that you make a good first impression when it hits the market!

Here is our recommended checklist to prepare your home for listing photography.

• Make sure the house is clean and free of clutter. Less is more!

• Clean all glass including windows and mirrors.

• Put pet dishes and trash cans out of sight and please don’t allow your pets to be in the pictures.

• If you have large portraits of family members, take them down. Small (less than 5x7 inches) photos are OK. Remember, the pictures of your house will likely be posted on the internet.

• In the kitchen: de-clutter counter tops, refrigerator magnets, sponges, paper towels, dish detergents, and an excessive number of small appliances.

• In bathrooms: put away trash cans, toothbrushes, rugs, shampoo, hair conditioners etc.

• If your fireplace is safe, light a fire before photos are taken. An interior with a fire in the hearth is always attractive.

• Check all lamps and light bulbs. Replace burned and missing light bulbs. Turn all lights on.

• Turn on all TV’s (sound off). Golf, nature shows, a screen saver are better than a black rectangle.

• Clear cars from the front of the house and in driveway, If necessary, place cones or signs requesting others not to park in front of the house beforehand.

• Remove any trash or recycling bins from view. Preferably, do not schedule photography on trash pickup day because neighbors’ bins may be visible.

• Rake leaves off the front and back yards.

• Prune overgrown trees, especially if they obscure the view of the house. Curb appeal!

• Verify working condition of any fountains and turn them on.

• If your pool and/or spa has a cover, take the cover off. Remove leaves and debris from pool. Turn jets on in spa if applicable.

We know it's lengthy, but your efforts will pay off in attracting more viewers to your listing and in turn, better offers.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions on how to prepare your home for sale.


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